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Welcome!  This is Detailing Nation, the forum for people who are serious about keeping their pride and joy in the best possible condition. In this detailing forum, you will find hints, tips and guides on how to achieve that flawless finish and a lot of other information that is useful to both detailers, and car care enthusiasts. We aren't just about obsessive levels of cleanliness though, oh no! Whether your car care arsenal consists of the latest top-of-the-range polishing machines, or if an old tee shirt and a cheap bottle of polish is more your thing, Detailing Nation will welcome you onto our forum with open arms. We aim to build up a large resource of professionally written detailing guides on our forum, and that our site will become one of the top car care and motoring forums on the web. So delve into our guides section regularly, or register and pop up a question on our detailing nation forum if there is something you are unsure about. Don't forget to check out our for sale and wanted sections to buy and sell a bargain (which are free to use for our registering members). Also, if you're a proper petrolhead, swing by our Viva Potenza section where anything with an engine can be openly discussed and celebrated. So don't be shy, register now! It's quick, easy and free........

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